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To make an appointment to see Terry Laidler for forensic psychology reports,
please contact his associate:

Julianne Page
Tel: 0402 761 690

Email: julianne.page@logicalideas.com.au

[Or, you can enquire about the availability of appointments for using the online form below.]

Current rates for forensic psychology reports:



Online form

Fill in as many details as possible and then hit the "Enquire" button at the bottom.


An email will be sent from your computer to Logical Ideas asking for appointments that will allow a report to be completed before the specified return date. (If no return date is specified, the next available appointment will be considered.)


You will receive an email or phone call within 48 hours about the proposed appointment times. Please note: Submitting an enquiry does NOT confirm the appointments. That will be done through the subsequent email or phone call.



 Family Name:  Family Name: 
 Given Names:   Given Names: 
Legally Aided?       Yes No Legally Aided?       Yes No

Applicant's Solicitor


Respondent's Solicitor

Firm:  Firm: 
Contact:  Contact: 
Email or Fax:  Email or Fax: 
Tel:  Tel: 



Child 1:


Child 2:

Family Name:  Family name: 
Given Names:  Given Names: 
Born:  Born: 

Child 3:


Child 4:

Family Name:  Family name: 
Given Names:  Given Names: 
Born:  Born: 

Child Representative (if appointed):

Email or Fax: 

Enquiry by: 

 Father's solicitor  Mother's solicitor
 Child Representative  Other (Specify)

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