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Click on the links below to see examples of publications by Logical Ideas' people:

  1. Laidler, T., : “A Path Too Often Trodden”, in Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (VAADA) Newsletter: Melbourne, February 2003
  2. Laidler, T., : “Sex in the Church”, in The Diplomat: Canberra, October/November 2002
  3. Laidler, T., Langford, J. & Sherwood, J.: Report of the Eastern Treatment Plant Advisory Panel (ETPAP) on Public Consultations and Statutory Conference, EPA Victoria: Melbourne June 2002
  4. Laidler, T.: Communiqué from the Chair of the Victorian Government Water Summit, Parliament House, Melbourne 24 May 2002
  5. Prater, D., Laidler, T., Kelso, R. & Harper, L.: The Future of Interconnection Arrangements in Australian Telecommunications Networks, a Discussion Paper for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, February 2002
  6. Laidler, T.: "Whose Rights Need to be Managed?" and "Digital Rights Management Systems", Chapters 2 & 3 in Cope, W. & Freeman, R.: Digital Rights Management and Content Development, Common Ground: Melbourne 2001 ISBN 1 86335 078 0
  7. Laidler, T. & Prater, D.: "The Australian Internet Industry", Chapter 13 in Telecommunications Performance Report 2000-01, Australian Communications Authority: Melbourne 2001 ISSN 1441 - 578X
  8. Burke, J., Kelso, R., Laidler, T., Ryan, A., Singh, S. and Tegart, A.: The User Perspective on Government Electronic Service Delivery (ESD): CIRCIT Research Report No. 29, 2001
  9. Laidler, T.: "Does Copyright Have a Digital Future", Chapter 9 in Cope, W. & Mason, D.: C-2-C: Creator to Consumer in a Digital Age, Common Ground: Melbourne 2001 ISBN 1 86335 048 9
  10. Laidler, T. & Prater, D.: Strategies For Increasing The Uptake Of Government Online Services, Communications Research Forum: Canberra October 2001
  11. Laidler, T., Prater, D. & Stanley, J.: Maximising the Uptake of Victorian Government Online Services, for Multimedia Victoria, October 2000
  12. Laidler, T.: Report on Consultations with the Community of Jerilderie about Future Health Service Needs, for the Greater Murray Health Service, June 1998
  13. Laidler, T.: Final Report of a Review of Mental Health Services in the Greater Murray Health Service Area, for Logical Ideas Pty Ltd, 3 August, 1997
  14. Laidler, T.: "Media Portrayals of Young People", Chapter 11 in Youth, Crime and Media, NCYS: Hobart 1997 ISBN 1 875236 38 4
  15. Laidler, T.: Consultations with Consumers and Carers about Psychiatrists' Roles in Australia's Mental Health Systems, for the Commonwealth Department of Health, September 1996
  16. Arnold, M. & Laidler, T.: Situational and Environmental Factors Impacting on Alcohol Related Violence in Public, for the National Campaign against Drug Abuse, Australian Government Printing Service: Canberra 1994 ISBN 0 644 33157 7
  17. Laidler, T.: & Naughtin, G.: When I Grow Too Old To Dream, Collins Dove: Melbourne Australia 1991 ISBN 0 85924 926 3
  18. Laidler, T.: "Leaving the Priesthood", Chapter 8 in Kelly, S. & Reddy, P.: Outrageous Fortune, Allen & Unwin: Sydney 1989 ISBN 0 04 372 045 5

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